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May 16, 2010

A Guide to Prague

Anyone who has had the responsibility of organising a hen or stag party has more than likely had the destination of Prague suggested as an ideal location.

Over the years it has become an increasingly popular choice, and anyone who’s spent any time in Prague, has no doubt witnessed hordes of Brits – and other European – clad in their specially-printed On the Stag in Prague T-shirts, meandering their way from bar to bar.

Europe has been united by the cheap flights revolution. For the first time, people from across the continent are able to converge in one location for celebrations of one’s final night of pre-marital freedom. Prague, it seems, can sometimes feel like Stag Night City.

But don’t let the stag party invasion put you off visiting what many consider to be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, because even if you aren’t planning on going out on the tiles wearing L-plates, there’s still plenty to entice you to this charming location.

Surviving World War II with considerably less damage than other major urban areas in the region has allowed Prague to retain an impressive collection of historical architecture and sites of interest. So much so, in fact, that you will probably only manage to glimpse a fraction of what Prague has to offer if you are only visiting for a weekend.

Some of the sights not to be missed include:

Charles Bridge – one of Europe’s finest medieval bridges, which was the only means of crossing the river Vltava to the Old Town and Prague Castle until 1841. The kiosk owners, painters and other traders who seek the attention of the many tourists that cross the bridge daily can be a distraction. Instead, perhaps you should consider crossing the bridge at night, whereby you get to fully appreciate the spectacular views of Prague Castle, which is tastefully lit on the hill overlooking Prague.

Old Town Square – Charles Bridge leads you to Prague’s Old Town Square, which started life as the central marketplace in the late 12th century. It’s most notable site includes The Astronomical Clock or Oloj, which is mounted on the southern wall of the Old Town City Hall. Popular with tourists who come en masse to witness the hourly mechanical clockwork show of figures and other moving sculptures known as “The Walk of the Apostles”.

The Castle District – Prague Castle is one of the world’s biggest, at around 570 metres in length and 130 metres in width. The castle district’s main attraction is St Vitus Cathedral, considered to be the most important church in the country and also an excellent example of Gothic architecture that took nearly six centuries to build. The castle is also home to several museums.

Wenceslas Square – Here you will find an abundance of the hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. Renowned historically for events such as the Velvet Revolution that saw half a million protestors succeed in overthrowing the socialist government in 1989. Nowadays, the square is popular amongst tourists attracted by its vibrant nightlife. There are also many strip clubs located on and around the square, which helps make Prague the stag party magnet that it has become today.

All these sites, and a lot more, are easily accessible if you take advantage of Prague’s excellent transport system. Prague Integrated Transport (PIT) combines bus, tram, train and metro, which makes it possible to get within five minutes’ walk of essentially any part of the city centre.

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