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July 10, 2010

Adventure Travel Basics


Adventure Travel Basics will help you define your personal adventure travel style and it also offers suggestions about the types of trips that might fit your dream list. Following are tips for planning your vacation and packing for a trip and where to find companies that offer the trips you dream about taking.

Traveling another country

When traveling to another country, visitors need to think of things like electrical outlets. Make sure you have the adaptors you need for items requiring electricity. Personal items the traveler will need should be thought of ahead of time. You must have prescriptions filled and take extra medications. Carry first aid kits, sun block, and even things like shampoo might need with you. Often, adventure travel means going to remote places so you need to be thorough, but light.

For some, adventure travel equates to grabbing the whitewater kayak and heading down to the river or securing a bungee cord to your ankle and jumping off the bridge.

Trip to desert

Make sure you have the proper clothing when heading out for adventure. If you are going to be going on a desert safari in Egypt be prepared for the heat. Take water, wear protective clothing and bring sunscreen with you. Traveling through areas such as Montana where the weather can be sunny and bright at midday, but possible snowy at nightfall, presents a challenge. Be aware of the extremes wherever you are going to be traveling.

Prague is an ideal place for all the music devotees for they can relish the classical concerts at the Sate Opera and at the Rudolfinum or the Municipal House. The Prague Autumn Festival is a big music event that offers lots of classical concerts and music. The Prague Spring festival is famous all over Europe.

If adventure travel is up your alley than consider a trip to Patagonia, Argentina’s southernmost region filled with towering mountains and enormous glaciers. There are several national parks of interest, and cruises to Antarctica are available from Puenta Arenas and Ushuaia. If you’re planning to fly from Buenos Aires, consider landing in El Calafate, near the Pietro Moreno glacier or Ushuaia on Tierra del Fuego.

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