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June 15, 2010

Artel Poseidon Glasses

Artel creates Named after an influential design workshop of the early 20th century, that favorite of Central European nobles for the past several hundred years, Bohemian crystal. Updated designs by the young American entrepreneur Karen Feldman turn out unusual vases, glasses, and tumblers that are regularly stocked by aspirational retailers such as Paul Smith, Fortnum & Mason, and Scully & Scully. Although plans are in the works for Artel’s own Prague store to open in 2007, the current collection.

Clean lines of the opalescent crystal decanter set are inspired by a playful beehive figure. The traditional Czech design is realized by master craftsmen in Prague, resulting in a whimsical way to attain maximum satisfaction from your liqueurs and spirits.

There are actually dozens of far-flung auction categories often contain Artel Crystal items for sale. This saves you HOURS, by pulling them all out for display with one simple click. Our store was built by search technology experts know how to track down hidden, mismarked or elusively categorized glassware auctions.

This Artel Poseidon set includes 1 of each of the following motifs, butterfly, dragonfly, fly fusion, lady bug, mayfly and wasp. This is a great set to give as a gift and we recommend it in the single-old fashion or tumbler size as these glass shapes best silhouette the delicate engravings of each insect. Please purchase on online

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