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August 22, 2010

Best cities to visit in Europe

PRAGUE, is without doubt the most amazing City I have ever been to.

During the last 4 years, I have been to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Amsterdam and Athens, but Prague has that WOW factor around ever corner.

The best time to see the City is early in the morning, before the hoardes hit the streets, with their cameras. I mean early too, we went out with our cameras at 6:30.

We stayed close to Wenceslas Square, which is just a stone’s throw from the Stare Mesto, the old town. It is here that you will find the wonderful astrological clock, the old town square with it’s bar’s and restaurant’s. As I said go early if you don’t want photograph’s of other people’s head’s.

Cross the river on Charles Bridge, leading you into the area known as Mala Strana, which translates into ‘lesser quarter’. Then climb up the hill to Hradcany. It is here where you will be swept off your feet with buildings around the castle and St Vitis cathedral. The parliament buildings and embassies are on a scale of grandeur second to none that I ever seen.

Prague has a growing reputation for stag and hen parties,(bachelor parties) but we didn’t see too much of that. The reason for this is the cheap price of beer and food. The first bar we wandered into was out of the way, but, with a pint of ‘Svelte Bernerd’ at 22 crowns, about 55 english pence, it was a great place to start.

If you go you must try the bread dumplings and potato dumplings, mmmmm!

Because of the stag and hen parties, you will not struggle to find people who speak English. We found the locals pleasant, even the local hookers offered us breakfast with their usual offers. Of course we declined their offers of both. Or at least that’s what the wife thinks.

Again, if you choose to go, don’t do what we did and decide to go and visit the Jewish quarter on a Saturday. Not the best day of the week.

The price of flights to the Czech Republic from the UK is getting cheaper each year so please give this beautiful City a visit, you will not regret it and you will have memories and photographs to treasure for ever.

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