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July 31, 2010

Best of 2008: Vacation destinations

Choosing the best vacation destination of 2008 isn’t an easy task. For starters, everyone has very different views on what constitutes the ideal holiday. For some it will be sun and sand and the chance to relax whilst reading a good book, whilst for others it may be snowboarding off-piste or kayaking down dangerous rapids. Then, there’s the fact that some people are looking for a family-friendly holiday destination, whilst others may be looking for somewhere with a lively nightlife for singles.

On top of all this, a quick look at a travel agency’s holiday destination brochure, or at their websites, reveals a bewildering and bewitching array of destinations that are available to the traveler. New holiday destinations are opening up all the time and cater for a wide range of tastes from sun seekers to adrenalin junkies. Our generation is incredibly lucky that we live in an era when world-wide travel has been made affordable to most households’ budgets and when it has become possible to broaden our horizons beyond the usual suspects.

Given the diversity of destinations and the types of holidays that people crave, it’s never going to be possible to reveal one utopian destination that will somehow meet everyone’s tastes. However, some of the destinations that I have been to in recent years, and would thoroughly recommend, include Iceland, Prague, Italy (including Venice) and Australia. Going back a bit further, I loved Vancouver Island, San Francisco and New Orleans. However, 2008 was a year when I holidayed in two places, Malta and Ireland, so I will limit selection process to a straight contest between these two wonderful European islands.

In Ireland, my wife and I visited family in West Cork and it is amongst my most favorite places in the world. It is very rural, with rugged landscapes, warm hospitality and the lure of the sea. The place that we visited (Union Hall / Glandore) is very popular with people who are into sailing and other water sports and attracts tourists from a surprising variety of countries. For people who like water sports or who like beautiful rural retreats, then West Cork is a joy. You can spend your time exploring the winding roads and hidden coves, picnic on a beach and then snuggle up in a traditional Irish pub in the evening. If you’re lucky there might even be some singing to finish the night! We also were treated to the regular appearance of some very playful seals down at the pier, who lay on their backs observing the tourists,

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