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August 17, 2010

Celebrate Christmas in Prague

When spending time in Prague during Christmas you will want to truly be a part of the holiday season. Many traditions of the past have made their way throughout time and into the current holiday celebrations.

Old and New Traditions

One old and still done today tradition is the dinner on Christmas Eve with fasting done before it. In the past and still currently done, people are encouraged not to eat until the celebration dinner. This is to help one appreciate the meal before them and to able to see the “Golden Pig”. Presents being placed under the tree are another tradition that has carried though out time. Once dinner is through the family and friends gather around and open the gifts under the tree. This is done as a celebration and ways of saying thank you to the baby Jesus.

You will also find that the telling of the future a part of Christmas past and present. To tell what the future may hold, apples are cut crosswise and if the star appears in the middle means that you will have a good year. Girls will also through their shoes over their shoulders and if the toe is pointed towards the door she will get married that year. You might even find some pouring lead into water, and reading the message left behind when the lead hardens.

What not to miss in Prague during Christmas

No Matter where you are in Europe Christmas is a highly celebrated time of the year. While spending time on a city break to Prague during Christmas you will have to visit the shops scattered around and pick up a homemade and traditional gift. Spend some time in the local Museums and shops where you can see images from Christmas past in the artwork hanging on the walls.

Christmas Today in Prague

As with many Traditions in Prague you will find that the world around it has not influenced the feel and look of the holiday. Unlike other parts of the world the story of a Saint giving gifts to good children on Christmas Eve is the story told and does not associate it with Santa Clause. This is the story of St. Nicholas from the 4th century and in respect and tradition toys are given to good little girls and boys one Christmas Eve.

Do not forget to plan for extra gifts

As with any trip, well maybe not any trip you want to carry extra cash and bring extra bags to carry all of the trinkets and wonderful gifts you will find home with you. During this time of the year you will be tempted and treated to masses of gift ideas and memorabilia.

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