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June 4, 2010

Cyprus as a Mediterranean vacation destination

I’m going to talk about the second biggest city of Cyprus, Limassol.

Limassol, (or “” – LemesOs – in greek), with about 170.000 habitats, is the second largest city (sea side) of Cyprus, a big island in Mediterranean Sea, Europe. Unfortunately, Cyprus is divided since 1974 because of Turkish invasion.

Never mind. Limassol, with its big port is nowadays a main trader in Europe and Middle East of local exports/imports. And Cyprus is well known for many food products mainly such us potato, grapes and more. It is a historic city from Byzantine years and probably before. There are many archaeological areas in Limassol, for example Amathus or Amathounta (, ) and Kourio (), an ancient theater. Kourio is in the British base but this do not restrict anybody of visiting it. In fact, there are held many concerts, theatres etc. British Base it there as Cyprus was a british colony in the past.

Limassol is known in Cyprus as the main city of entertainment, of night life, of culture and generally of everything. The relations with foreigners who come through the port, made the citizens very kind persons and easy approachable. Limassol citizens enjoy a lot the good food, the quality in entertainment and that’s why wherever you go, you’ll find a pleasure atmosphere either this is a restaurant or a club or even just a shop. In Limassol, many festivals are held during the year, but there are 2 main festivals which all citizens are prepared from the last year in order to be ready. The first is the Carnival which even if it is held all over Cyprus, in Limassol (as we said before the citizezns like the quality in entertainment), know how to feel the passion of this festival. The second is the “Wine Carnival” which is held usually during September each year and there all guests are invited to drink as much wine as they like… FREE! Of course under the company of traditional music, dances etc.

Limassol is the home city of many known athletes: Maracos Baghdatis (Tennis), Kyriacos Ioannou (High), Karolina Pelendritou (swimming, Paraolympics) and more.

Is the twin city of many others in Greece and Europe: Patra (known also for its Carnival), Tel Aviv, Prague, Marseille, Niederkassel and more.

In the last years, Limassol was under construction and mainly in the sea side where the municipality with the help of European Union, was constructing different buildings and/or modifying the main road and sea side and now it has the biggest joined beach of Cyprus, and a foot path of 15KM parallel to the sea. Small cafes next to the sea are making the atmosphere enjoyable, more in late hours where with the light feeling of moon, everything looks much better and romantic.

In September 2007, The Cyprus University of Technology opened in Limassol.

Limassol, is the most centered city after turkish invasion in 1974, as all cities are located about 50 minutes distance from it.

Sometimes, Limassol citizens come across Nicosia citizens (Nicosia is the capital city) and in that way, both sides invent jokes for the opposite sides, songs, and more and this makes a funny feeling which is actually… nice.

Limassol is the only city which in the Winter, in the town you can swim in the sea (if you are ok with a mild cold weather), and if you drive for only 40 minutes until the Troodos mountains, you can ski and wear jacket as the temperature there is… much lower.! Isn’t that fantastic?!

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