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July 3, 2010

Great springtime vacation spots in Europe

Spring is an amazing time to visit Europe; it’s finally warming up, and the tourists are not yet out in full force. The most important part of traveling in Europe at any time of the year, is to make sure before you go why, and how you plan on traveling. For instance, if you’re planing a nice romantic getaway, don’t try to do too much. It’s well and good if you’re a student to try and hit four countries in three days, but the plane and train hopping and a rushed schedule can be killer on your love life. If romance is what you’re after, you can’t do much better than Italy, though, allergy suffers beware, Tuscany has an abundance of cottonwood flying through the air at this time of year and when I lived there, I pretty much had to stay inside for a few weeks. France may be the obvious choice, but Venice is mine. It doesn’t get much more romantic than a gondola ride, and the city has plenty of bridges to snuggle on. Another perhaps, odd choice would be Prague. Maybe it’s just me, but the Gothic architecture that looks straight out of a Disney movie, musicians on almost every street corner, and lingering wafts of Absinthe, make Prague a great place to cozy up to a fire with someone special, even in Spring.

Perhaps it’s a bit of peace and quiet you’re after, and maybe a bit of sun so the neighborhood kids will stop thinking you’re a vampire. Spring is the time to hit up some killer places before the season starts, but beware, parts of Spain and Portugal, still won’t be warm this time of year. Greece, more specifically, the Greek Isles, are the best place for hitting the beach in the spring. Their big month is August, but things start to pick up the first week of June; if you get there before that, you’re set. The island of Santorini is probably the most famous and picturesque of the islands; it’s the one with the the white houses on the cliffs and where many believe the city of Atlantis was. This place is a bit difficult to get to, all the Greek islands involve ferry boats that could take anywhere from three to fourteen hours, but has beautiful red and black sand beaches and a wide range of nightlife. Plus, in the off season, rooms are dirt cheap. For my money though, it’s off to Mykonos, probably the other best known Greek island. This island is a little more budget friendly and totally more laid back during the day, night is a different story. Here you can rent scooters or four-wheelers, and head up to Paradise Beach. It is a nude beach, so,

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