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April 4, 2010

How to save money while visiting Prague

In the center of Europe sits what many refer to as the Paris of Eastern Europe’. The Czech capital of Prague has become an increasingly popular tourist spot since the fall of the Iron Curtain over a decade ago. Although not as inexpensive to visit and tour as it once was, it is still far cheaper to visit than other major European cities. The people are also friendlier, which always makes for pleasant travel.

Prague is a captivating mixture of old and new. You’ll find Stare Mesto’ (Old Town) on one side of the city, and Nove Mesto’ (New Town) on the other. Stare Mesto’ is said to be one of the better conserved old towns in all of Europe. Because of its smaller size, main attractions of Prague can easily be toured in one day without running yourself ragged.


The best kept secret to saving money in Prague is the timing of your trip. Tourism reaches its peak between the months of April and October, and the end of the year. Unless you want to pay top prices for room accommodations and such, go during the off-season (November through March, except for the latter part of December) and avoid being there on public holidays. If you must go during peak season, the more reasonable prices are offered in July and August.

Secure hotels off the beaten pathsthat is, away from the most popular areas of the city. Mom and Pop operations will always be more affordable than major chains.


Whether staying in the good ol’ U.S.A. or visiting abroad, food savings are a universal theory. (1) Best to dine out at lunch (2) Best to food shop for snack items to sustain you throughout the day, dining only one meal out per day (3) Find restaurants and cafes off the well-trod tourist areas, and (4) Take-out foods will be cheaper than dining in.

You can get excellent beer for a low price. Beer brewing has a very long tradition throughout Czech country. The brewing process is strictly controlled, containing hops, brewer’s malt and water.


As in every other European city, the public transportation system is the best way to go. It is plentiful and inexpensive, and will permit travel wherever you need to go without a lot of hassle.

Wear comfortable shoes! The best way to see Prague is on foot-in fact, walking is the only way to get to certain historical landmarks. Fortunately, the distance between the sites is minimal.


There is a Czech proverb, which states, Every Czech is

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