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June 22, 2010

Hradcany Castle in Prague

It is interesting to note that Prague Castle is considered to be one of the largest castles in the world and is claimed to be the biggest out of the remaining ancient castles. The Castle is approximately 570 meters long and its width measures at an average of 130 meters. The Castle was built hundreds of years ago in the 9th century and began as a wooden construction. Over the years the Castle has undergone four major facelifts and today it maintains its general external appearance from the 18th century at the time of Maria Theresa.

Due to wars and fires in the Prague Castle’s colorful and dramatic history, this medieval complex has seen destruction and several renovations during different periods of time. These factors have resulted in the fascinating compound that remains today, which offers a combination of fortress, churches and palaces. In short, a wealth of history and culture can be experienced from a visit to this site and it should not be missed.

It is important to point out that the Prague Castle is not a single building, but a compound containing a collection of various buildings. The complex of the Prague Castle includes perhaps Prague’s most prominent landmark the Saint Vitus Cathedral. This is a Roman Catholic cathedral that hosts the Archbishop of Prague. This large structure with its Gothic architectural appearance is the resting place of several tombs of bohemian kings. Another structure within the Castle complex worthy of note is St. George’s Basilica which was the second church to be constructed at the site. This is a Church of Romanesque appearance that today hosts exhibitions of old Bohemian art inside its convent. In addition, one can view towers, palaces and art galleries at the Castle as a fascinating glance into the area’s cultural heritage. Guided tours are available of varying lengths. Entry to the Castle complex itself is free, but it should be noted that there is a charge for entrance to the separate buildings inside the compound.

An interesting feature at the Prague Castle, in particular for tourists is the Changing of the Guard, which takes place at the entry gates each hour. For those who wish to learn more about the Castle’s rich history, there is a permanent exhibition situated in the Old Royal Palace that demonstrates the story of the site.

A range of hotels, hostels and holiday apartments can be found in various convenient locations in the centre of Prague. For the tourist who wishes to make the most of every minute and to absorb every site and view during a stay in this historical city, there is also vacation accommodation that offers rooms with a magnificent view of the Prague Castle.

Different tour options of varying lengths enable visitors to make the most of their visit to this site. Visiting the Prague Castle provides tourists with an excellent and fascinating insight into the ancient world.

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