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August 15, 2010

Prague…the City at the Heart of Europe


If you wanted to travel to a magical City, resplendent with sleepy Gothic spires, Baroque and Rococo architecture, enchanting ancient bridges and the lingering atmosphere of an era when it held Alchemists and Astrologers closely and secretly within its bosom, then Prague is certainly what you are looking for.

Prague lies geographically, right at the very heart of Europe but in terms of travel is a mere three hours away from the UK. It is unique amongst the old Cities of Europe in that although, during its long and eventful history, it has fallen under the rulership of Sweden, Germany, Austria, Hungary and finally under Communist rule. Each of these diverse powers have, however, chosen to respect and preserve the City’s heritage thus making Prague, arguably, the most complete and resplendent Medieval City in the World.

If you were to have a bad word to say about Prague, the only thing that I could think of is that you cannot do it justice in a single trip; that said, the first step to making the very best of this golden City is to establish a base by booking into one of the many excellent hotels in Prague.

With that in hand, your journey of exploration can begin. After a filling continental breakfast at your hotel why not head for one of the two main town squares in the City, Wenceslas Square (yes, King Wenceslas, as in the Christmas Carol, was an actual medieval Czech King). Wenceslas Square is a vibrant social area and its long boulevard contains a great many restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and shops as well as being the gateway to Prague’s myriad other attractions.

One of the foremost of these other attractions is the second of Prague’s town squares; the medieval Old Town Square. As you enter the square you will be stepping some 700 years back in time and the wonders to be found therein could easily keep you spellbound for a great many hours; some of these include the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, the Old Town Hall Tower and Astronomical Clock and the phenomenally stunning St Nicholas’ Church.

Exiting the Square you can make your way across the magnificent and unique Charles Bridge, that 12th century wonder of functional and picturesque Gothic architecture that is the gateway to the town’s Old Quarter and the imposing grandeur of Prague Castle; once in the castle, you will be able to look down serenely upon the multi hued panorama of a sunset over the City of Prague.

As the dusk sets in and as the last golden rays of the sun fade into oblivion, you will, no doubt, be more than ready to return to your base and settle down to some of the traditional Czech fare on offer at all of the Prague Hotels, Restaurants and traditional Beer Cellars that will, doubtless, abound in your vicinity: and with dinner safely in hand, the evening will be yours, to repose, to reflect and to enjoy some of the rare liquors to be found in this Capital of Capitals.

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