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August 5, 2010

Prague A City Of Many Faces

An already popular destination for city breaks whether it be a long weekend or a more extended trip, Prague provides an ample array of accommodation for its visitors. Bed and breakfasts and inns are very pleasant alternatives to hotels, however, good research or recommendations are advised. B&B’s and Inns vary in prices from between around $25 for the cheapest and less pleasant ones, to $150-$200 for a double room in the most centrally located luxury ones. The advantages of this type of accommodation is that it has a personal touch, there will usually only be 5-10 rooms available so you will really get to know the owner and the other guests as well as enjoying such benefits as home cooking. If however a hotel is preferable, the prices may be just as ranged but with the top notch ones costing up to $400. Another excellent option in terms of accommodation which many overlook is the possibility of a holiday apartment; for between $100 and $200 per night it is possible to stay in the heart of the city in the security of your own self catering apartment kitted out with all mod cons and in general to very high ascetic levels.

Having found somewhere to stay, finding a travel guide is very easy to do in Prague, be it a personal guide, a guided tour, or a self guiding manual. A few facts that these guides may not tell you about this historic and fantastic city may however, richen your interest in and understanding of it.

Whilst in Prague it is essential to partake in some of the local beers; not only is it some of the best in the world, but it is the most heavily consumed as well: The Czech public manages to consume on average per person 46 gallons of the stuff each year. Due to strict guidelines regarding the ingredients of the beer, the recipes which date back to the fifteenth century require only hops, yeast, malt and water, making Czech beer some of the purest beer in the world.

Still in the field of alcohol, a popular one in this part of the world; absinthe is legal in the Czech Republic. Absinthe has been illegal for a long time in various parts of the world due to its strong hallucinogenic effects. It is reputed that Van Gogh was a habitual absinthe drinker and it is this habit that has often been blamed for his ear cutting episode. The authorities claim that absinthe distilled today will neither cause hallucinations or insanity; it is however still very strong and should be handled with care.

It isn’t all about the alcohol in the Czech republic though, although with winter temperatures in Prague ranging between -5 and 5 degrees C it isn’t surprising that a number of the interesting facts are alcohol related. However, in addition to beer and absinthe, The Czechs are also responsible for the sugar cube and the soft contact lens, they also boast the biggest footwear retailer in the world , and are responsible for the Polka music style which is often mis-attributed to the Polish.

Finally, the Czechs celebrate Christmas eve by eating carp; if in Prague from around the 20th December onwards you will see throughout the streets carp sellers with their live stock in large tubs ready for selling. Should you chose to purchase a carp from one of these vendors you may chose to have him fillet it for you there and then, or you may take it with you, alive in a plastic bag so you can kill it yourself when the time comes to prepare your meal. For this reason, if you find yourself in a Prague home around Christmas time, you should not be surprised to find a carp in the bath!

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