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July 17, 2010

Reflections: Why travel

You never know what might happen, like sleeping with three beautiful Australian women in a snow covered town in the Alps.

I decided some time ago that life is too short to not do what I really want and what I really wanted at the time was to travel. My wife said go, so I headed out to Eastern Europe for 4 weeks solo.

If you can travel alone, do it. You get to go where you want, when you want, and it forces you to mix with people. I mostly stayed at hostels that averaged 7 dollars a night. I met many travelers from around the world and went out drinking on occasion with some. My favorite part is getting up and going on to the next destination. I made a loop starting in Prague down to Croatia then up through Poland into Russia and back to Prague. I visited 14 countries and 26 cities. I love moving on.

And you never know what might happen. I took a train from Austria over the Eastern Alps. It was incredibly scenic with snow covered peaks and deep forests. It reminded me of the Sound of Music. I got into a small commercial town late in the evening and missed the last train out. I decided to take the local bus and head to the resort town by the lake.

I got into this beautiful town on the side of a hill and had dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. I remember the outdoor seating under a canopy with wood burning in a copper bowl nearby. I watched as the hot embers fell through holes down to a catch basin below. Here I was in a mountain town on top of the world watching shooting stars right next to my table. It was fantastic.

I went to the local hostel which was really a lodge and asked for a room. The woman said she only had one bed left and I probably wouldn’t want it. I asked why not? She said the other 3 occupants in the room were girls from Australia.

I went up to the room and knocked. The door slowly opened. I entered. I remember later, the four of us singing songs from the Sound of Music as we slowly fell asleep. It really was a magical evening, brought on by traveling solo.

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