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April 11, 2010

Stags Do Prague: the New Sin City?

Some of the locals may not like it, but the rise of Prague as a city of sin for stag and hen groups has brought plenty of British pounds into the country. It’s also brought in plenty of drunken, leery lads and cackling hens; but then you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth.

It was the introduction of cheap flights to Prague by low cost carriers that led to a big rise in the popularity of Prague as a stag-do location. That, added to the short flight time, the availability of cheap Czech beer and the exotic notion of an Eastern European city continue to make it a favourite with stag and hen parties.

There’s something about Eastern European girls who fill the various strip joints that appeals to the Brits; and there’s all manner of titillating shows to keep the boys (and girls) happy! From striptease cabaret, to lesbian performances, not to mention the ubiquitous offer of “massage” parlours, stag groups will certainly have little problem seeing some naked female flesh during their stay – as long as they don’t mind parting with a few pounds.

When it comes to the daylight hours, there’s plenty to keep the boys happy; from go-kart racing, to AK47 and Magnum shooting; or how about the medieval experience where visitors are served by hardy innkeepers and scrumptious maidens in a rustic tavern?

For adrenaline seekers, a flight in an L-39 Albatross military jet is the ultimate testosterone fuelled ride; designed as the primary jet trainer for Russian MiG pilots, the L-39 will climb at over 4,000ft/minute, rolling and forcing you back into a fully functional ejection seat at over 700 km/h, but be warned, your wallet will need to bursting at the seams; breaking the sound barrier doesn’t come cheap at £1190 for the four hour experience.

As more budget airline routes to former Eastern bloc countries open, it’s likely that the Prague city break will lose a little of its attraction to Stag parties (perhaps no bad thing) – who may begin to view Prague as being a little passé, and will instead prefer to head to uncharted drinking grounds in Latvia, Estonia, Macedonia or Serbia.

For now however, the streets of Prague will continue to be reverberate to the sound of Brits throwing up in the gutters, enjoying the cheap pleasures available in the city, all while under the protection of the eternal stag party mantra “What goes on tour, stays on tour” – and for the sake of their wives to be – let’s hope it does.

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