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March 22, 2010

The Best of Prague

The historic city of Prague in the Czech Republic is packed full of attractions that are educational, exciting and beautiful in equal measure.

However, with so many attractions listed in the guides offered at many Prague hostels, travelers should consider which sights their top priority to compliment their visit.

Prague Castle

Blessed with more than enough historically significant attractions to fill several days of exploration, the Prague Castle is likely to require visitors to make an early departure from their Prague hostels so they can make the most of their entry.

As Europe’s largest medieval Palace, it is home to several separate structures which each have their own distinct historical significance and lovingly presented exhibitions.

Golden Lane is a wonderfully preserved yet less glamorous part of the castle, dating back to the 15th Century. Lined with medieval houses, it offers access to several exhibitions including a medieval armory.

Charles Bridge

There is far more to this pedestrian thoroughfare than most tourists realize until they get there. Built in the 14th century, a romantic stroll along the bridge offers excellent views of the city’s most prominent sights, as well as plenty to do.

Local street vendors, artists and performers line the bridge and turn a across stroll here into an enjoyably bustling sight-seeing tour.

However, it is has a rather darker history and, as the only connection between the central Old Town and the surrounding areas, it has played an important part in battles to control the city.

Old Town Square

The vibrant Old Town Square is like stepping into a time warp for many travelers. Surrounded by brilliantly preserved buildings dating back around 700 years, this former central marketplace is still home to many street merchants plying their trade, which only serves to add to the experience.

Today the square also has a handful of cafes, restaurants and bars, providing visitors with the opportunity to soak up some tasty local cuisine along with the historical atmosphere sitting in the shadow of the square’s impressive Astronomical Clock Tower and St Nicholas Church.

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