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August 5, 2010

The Top Ten Stag Locations

Stag parties are very popular, especially in Europe. Men who are getting married usually plan these events to celebrate the transition from singlehood to married life. Grooms-to-be usually leave the planning of their stag parties up to the wedding party, and usually the best man is in charge of all the arrangements. If the best man is not in charge then someone on the wedding party or someone in the groom’s family usually will make the arrangements.

Stag parties take place in quite a few European cities, and some of those cities include the following:

1.London: Stag party groups can enjoy a friendly competitive game of paintball, or they can participate in a fast go karting race. Other stag party activities that take place in this city include clay pigeon shooting and hovercraft racing. A bachelor and his wedding party can mix and match a variety of these activities together for their own unique stag party package. Additionally, stag party participants can enjoy a night on the town.

2.Bournemouth: Yacht rides are available here along with some of the highest quality hotel accommodations. There are also inexpensive rooms available in this city at various hostels, and there are quaint guest houses for rent as well.

3.Budapest: For a memorable experience some groups would prefer a Hungarian stag weekend party. After a few days of wild partying with the guys Hungarian style the groom can meet his bride by the Danube River to celebrate the beginning of their lives together. There are stag weekend packages already designed for both the groom-to-be and the rest of the wedding party and other stag party attendees. Party packages can be made tailored to the needs and desires of an individual group.

4.Newcastle: A group of activities that bachelors can participate in is casino night. They can also take a “booze cruise” or they can visit some of the finest night clubs features lap dancing ladies. Stag weekend packages in Newcastle are usually designed to include accommodations and certain admission fees, and in some cases the cost of a party package includes items such as drinks.

5.Prague: A stag party group can take part in fine dining and socialize in some of the most upscale clubs located within Prague. Additionally, grooms-to-be along with the rest of the wedding party and group of single men can

6.Bristol: Both locals and visitors can enjoy celebrating the end of singlehood in the city of Bristol. There are budget party packages as well as packages designed for those of which money is no object.

7.Dublin: Engaged men and their wedding parties are more than likely not to be bored while participating in a stag party in this city. In fact, entire weekend trips are often planned for what could be called one of the most important celebrations of his lifetime. One very popular activity that takes place in Dublin is that of deep sea fishing. Another one would be taking part in fun sports such as archery or paintballing, or to join in on a day of clay pigeon shooting or even to go horseback riding.

8.Newquay: There are Newquay packages that are designed for any budget. One of the most exhilarating activities that stage weekend attendees could involve themselves in is waveskiing (waterskiing), or just simply lying on the beach.

9.Riga: Riga is the Capital City of Latvia. This is considered one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Riga is rich with historical sites of pre-WWII times. Stag party groups may find themselves involved in friendly yet competitive 4×4 off road racing as well as visiting one of the many clubs located in this area. Additionally, they may even meet some of the most beautiful women in the whole world.

10.Leeds: This is the third largest city in the UK. Horse racing takes place in this city, as well as football matches. Rugby and cricket are also very popular here. When it gets to be nighttime many people like to go dancing in the city of Leeds, as well as enjoy local cuisine.

An entire stag party can be planned online. Additionally, there are also similarly structured parties that are tailored to bachelorette ladies. Those are called hen parties, and more about these will be addressed in future articles.

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