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July 16, 2010

Things To Look For When Selecting Holiday Accommodation In Prague

Holiday accommodation in Prague is growing rapidly, and the quality is of a very good standard. A lot of the buildings still keep up with the history of the city, so nothing looks out of place. Most of the holiday accommodation (hotels etc) are at a very good standard.

Many people now go on holiday to Prague, the Capital of the Czech Republic to sample its rich history which spans back almost 1,000 years, a lot of the holiday accommodation keeps up with this history. It is referred to as the ‘city of a hundred spires’ and many locals say it was the hand of God that protected these magnificent buildings during the devastating bombing raids of the Second World War.

It is said that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and this is particularly true in the winter months when the city glistens with a covering of snow.

It is said that defenestration (the act of throwing people out of windows) used to be the main form of punishment in Prague. However tourists can put their minds at rest as Prague offers its visitors a warm friendly welcome.

The city is a made up of Roman, Gothic and Baroque architecture which leaves an ever lasting impression on the minds of the tourists who flock to this magical city each year. Your hotel most likely will be of the kind of style.

This friendly atmosphere is demonstrated most during the annual Prague Spring Music Festival which is held in May and June. All tourists are encouraged to participate in the daily events and many come back year after year just for this event. Often choosing to stay in the same holiday accommodation.

More adventurous people climb to the top of Prague castle from which they have an awesome view of the city. It is like going back in a time soak up as much of the city that’s been left unspoilt from modern development and the peace and tranquillity helps tourists to imagine what life must have been like all those years ago.

The beautiful streets are full of bars and restaurants selling cheap local good quality food and beer. Locals mingle with the tourists making them feel welcome and most certainly wanted. Many say that they love taking in the scenery sitting outside a small bar or cafe next to the Vltava River.

On the left bank of the river sits the Hradcany, a rocky outcrop on which the castle proudly sits on top of. Charles Bridge connects to Stare Mesto which is referred to as the old town and which holds some magnificent architectural gems, this is a must see.

A useful tip for tourists is that each building has two numbers on it, blue for the street and red for the district that it is in. That way, by buying a guide map it almost virtually impossible to get lost in Prague.

When visiting Prague most tourists visit the Karluv Bridge. This bridge was built in medieval times and has towers at each end to help guard it. It crosses the Vltava River and links the old town to the Mala Strana. Other popular destinations are St Nicholas’s Church which stands in the middle of Strana Square, Prague Castle, Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square.

No matter what time of the year that you choose to visit Prague you are guaranteed a warm welcome. It is a friendly city full of stunning architecture and friendly people with lots of cheap places to drink and eat. There is a diverse range of accommodation ranging from the basic cheaply priced rooms to the expensive stunningly decorated suites.

It is no wonder that Prague is now one of the most popular tourist venues in Europe. The key to having a succesfull holiday in Prague, is getting the right holiday accommodation. Otherwise your stay might not be as enjoyable as you first thought.

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