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July 24, 2010

Top 3 Cheap Holiday Destinations

Finding cheap flights is the first priority to save some money for your holiday. Now that flights are becoming more affordable and more widely available for every, there are a number of holiday destinations you can visit. Another key for cheap holidays is finding cheap hotels and accommodations from your destination. And lastly, you should know the best time when to book a holiday to save more from you budget.


This January, one of the year’s top holiday destinations for tourist who want to enjoy cheap getaways is visiting Prague. According to the Daily Telegraph, this wonderful city has some of the best bargain accommodations in Europe. The Czech Koruna has also a favorable exchange rate compared to the pound to benefit British travellers.

Being widely known as a cultural city, Prague holds several permanent and short term art exhibitions that never fails to captivate tourists and art lovers from around the world. Aside from its rich history and culture, the city is a vivid cosmopolitan that offers hot and thrilling night life. Fans of any music style will definitely find their favourite place where to spend a great night.

And for those who want to see the city on its finest display of festivity. Be sure to book your holiday between May 12th and June 3rd, when it will host the Prague Spring International Music Festival. This will be the best time to stop by the city for a week or two.


The city of Istanbul of another hot attraction this month. This diverse city offers excellent holidays for Brits who love sunny days, beautiful sandy beaches and friendly hospitality. The Turkish Lira offers great value for the Great British Pound, so no matter what holiday you intend to enjoy you will certainly make the most of it because of the excellent rate.

The European part of the city has a variety of spectacular holiday places that will surely blow you away. From Mediterranean beaches, to trolling the local bazaars for a great bargain or immersing yourselves amongst the ancient ruins that date back 10,000 years.

Also, Turkish cuisines are just as exciting as the beaches and bargains you are about to experience. You will enjoy rich and healthy dishes that were inspired from parts different parts of the world like central Asia, Greece, Arabia and Persia, making it eclectic and exciting.


Aside from the this countries perfect location (lies between North America and Europe), tourist describe the place as an awesome and inexpensive place for holidays. Iceland is full of amazing sites, sound and blessed with bountiful natural beauty.

Some of the numerous attraction you surely would not want to miss are – top of the list is the legendary nightlife in Reykjavik. Famous for energy and stamina, you will experience a whole night of non stop music, dancing and a taste of Iceland’s finest bar drinks.

Another wonderful site to visit is the famous Blue lagoon. This destination has the honor to be the most clicked destination of Iceland. It is a man made lagoon and has a temperature of around 40 degree Celsius. It is believed there that its water has a blessing from god and can cure many diseases especially psoriasis.

And lastly, the geysers in Iceland are very popular because of its size. “Geyser spouting spring” the world’s largest geyser is situated here. Another small spring called ‘strokkur’ is the centre of attraction in this area.

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