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June 25, 2010

Travel destinations: Slovenia

Short and Sweet Stop in Ljubljana…

I arrived in Ljubljana on a Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was rainy and gray. I managed to get a hold of a pal, Natasa, and checked into a nice hotel. After a good crash session, I was ready to move. I only had one night in Ljubljana, so I wanted to make it count. Natasa said she’d meet me in town that evening, and then we would later meet up with her other friends Vesna and Gea.

Natasa and I met up at a bus stop in the center of town. It’s the same city center that has been used for centuries. Ljubljana is an old city with a vast history, with architecture that goes as far back as the 11th century. The old city is right on the Ljublanica River, a narrow river with steep walled banks within the city. It had the same feel as Prague’s old city, but with not so many tourists, a nice change.

There was a festival going on in the city, and the center square was bustling with people. There was music, food, beer, and fun. Good timing for me, I thought. I was quite hungry, so Natasa took me to a good local spot. While dining there, another friend, Vesna, joined us. It was good seeing her again too. We talked over dinner and enjoyed getting caught up on everyone’s happenings since we first met in Mexico about 8 months earlier. Natasa, Vesna and Gea were all just finishing up their university degrees. Natasa was actually already finished, and was getting ready to start her new marketing job with Brita. Vesna still had a few exams left, and would soon begin her career in travel and tourism, same as Gea.

After dinner, we hiked on through the center to an adjacent square. There, Gea was waiting for us. After meeting up, we proceeded to a park that was supposed to be having a pretty big concert. But when we got there, we found it was already over. We headed back to the center square, and enjoyed the happenings there. We met up with several of their other friends, including Luca, Vesna’s boyfriend.

There was an outdoor dance party going on at a pavilion close by. We hung out there most of the night, close to the action. Interestingly, there was quite a bit of latin and salsa dancing, as well as swing. Not at all what I expected in Slovenia. Quite the party. We stayed there for as long as it was fun, before moving on to a larger club and bar. There, we finished off the night, having drinks and sharing laughs. It was a great night.

I particularly enjoyed getting reacquainted with them at a more upbeat time in my

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