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August 13, 2010

Travel experiences: Austria

There I was. Desperate. Frantic. Collapsing under the weight of my backpack. And at London’s Stanstead Airport. Without a flight.

I was truly willing to go anywhere. Anywhere Ryanair could take me, that is. As that is the airline I had been booked on, before I had missed my flight.

I was meant to be flying to Klagenfurt, Austria, a small village along the edge of the Austrian Alps. Unfortunately, my early-morning-brain-fog, coupled with my minor panic over a missed wakeup call, had me not only arriving at the wrong platform to catch the Stanstead Express, but at the wrong train station. The Stanstead Express can only be caught from Liverpool Street Station. I had gone to London Victoria Station. And the two are a good 15 minute tube ride apart. When I finally caught the Stanstead Express, for the 40 minute ride to the airport, it was too late. Despite dashing off the train toward the check-in desk at break-neck speed, I arrived 10 minutes too late.

Fortunately, gracious Ryanair rebooks passengers who miss flights. And the fee is only 40 quid. Relative to booking a last minute flight through any of Stanstead’s other airlines, that is a bargain. I checked. It is actually about a third of the cost.

So, it didn’t matter to me where I landed. Even it it were outside Austria. I was at the mercy of Ryainair’s schedule and flight availability. As long as wherever I landed had bus or train service back to Prague – where I needed to be four days later – I would be ecstatic.

Ultimately, I decided to fly to Graz, Austria. That flight left in little over an hour. And Graz is a shorter train ride to Vienna, another city I had hoped to visit en route to Prague. I simply wouldn’t be able to see nearly as much of the Alps. But oh, well. That’s the price of spontaneity and, well, sleeping in.

Thus, oh what can transpire in 24 hours! Less than 24 hours earlier, I had just landed in London, from Canada. Fast forward a few hours more, and I was flying, on a whim, to Graz, Austria.

In the end, though, I feel fortunate to have explored Graz instead.

However, even in Austria, more timing issues ensued.

Leaving Graz airport, I couldn’t seem to catch a bus. The bags had to be put in the back of the bus, and the buses filled up with passengers so fast that by the time I put my luggage in the back, the bus was full. So, I would have to unload my luggage and wait for the next one. Again. This happened a few times, until I met an American English teacher

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