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May 25, 2010

Travel experiences: Road trip tales

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The uneasy look on our drivers face could have been brought on by either a painful past reminder of border crossings, or the realization that he had conscripted with three Chicagoans embarked on a Saturday morning drinking mission. Our intent was earnest and our plan was not unreasonable. Look at a central European map and one soon realizes that Vienna is a stones throw from the Czech Republic to the north, spitting distance to Slovakia in the east, and within earshot of Hungary to the south. Mikal Zulakov had driven the 5 hours down from Prague to spend the next 9 with us, as our hired courier.

When I originally spoke with “Mike” I had to repeat my request at least three times. “We would like to have beers in each of the three aforementioned countries and be back at the hotel by supper. ” Language was not the barrier, as Mike spoke impeccable broken English in the fashion that your teenage son does when he comes home, just as you are taking the dog out in the morning. “You vish to drive out of country and start, how you Americans say, a pub crawl at 8am? ”

Why yes we do and thus began the Eastern Bloc Tri Country Boozer 2008. Not that there was anything wrong with staying in Vienna, a marvelous and historic city. But any place that gave birth to Freud, Mozart and Hitler.well there’s some tortured individuals right there and the guilt associated seems to drape the city in a hidden fashion. The denizens are courteous, yet leery. ..Plus, after three days of an international investing conference, I had my fill of “What’s wrong with you Americans? ”

While hotel workers were distracted, we armed ourselves with rations pilfered from the Danube Room breakfast buffet of the Vienna Hilton. These tasty delicacies included Kaiserschmarrn, Salzburg Nockerln and Kasekreinner. The Saturday morning meeting of the Vienna Waltzing seniors could do with a little less cholesterol. Besides, what better way to barrel through the Austrian countryside, then while noshing on local Kasekreinner. This very Austrian countryside, not much unlike southern Indiana, soon gave way to broad vistas of towering wind turbine farms. Combining low torque ripple and high tip speeds of up to 6x wind speed, these monsters of the Mistelbach have blades reaching 120 feet in length, while topping out at an impressive 300 feet. Meeting the electrical needs of about 250,000 homes, the Austrian wind parks account for the second highest European capacity generated by such .things.


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